Fire Accessories

Fire Cabinet

Fire Cabinets


Fire Cabinets are perfect for safe storage of each Fire Extinguisher, clearly visible and fully encased.

Fire Extinguisher Covers


Fire Extinguisher covers, protection and at the same time keeping them from mositure or other presipitation damage such as rust, clearly visible and easy to clean.


Fire Hose Reel

Fire Hose Reel


Fire Hose Reel, wall mountable and clearly visible for busy areas with easy winder and fire safety instructions.

Fire Safety Cabinets

Fire Safety Cabinets


Fire Safety Cabinets in Multiple sizes for safe storage and housing of fire extinguishers or fire safety equipment.

Fire Stands

Fire Stands


Fire Stands give you the opportunity to locate your Fire Extinguishers off of the ground, clearly visible and able to be located in a clear but safe location.

Fire Trolleys

Fire Trolleys


Fire Trolleys give you the opportunity to move Multiple Fire Extinguishers more easily and quicker, very popular on Construction sites or Commercial locations. Fire Safety Signs are able to be added to the Trolley for clear instructions and fire safety advice.

Fire Signs

Fire Signs - Safety Signs


We are providers of Fire Safety And Fire Exit or Instruction Signs. All our Fire Signs are to British Safety Standards.

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