Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

K & S Fire Protection aim to provide business owners and building owners with Professional advice on a wide range of Fire Protection ranging from Fire Extinguishers, fire equipment products and workplace safety issues that may effect business premises.

Does Your Business Need a Fire Risk Assessment?

Any Business owner is responsible to manage the risk of fire within the workplace. The first point of call is to contact us to provide you with a Professional Fire Risk Assessment. K & S are able to provide you and your business with a full report of risk assessment and equipment requirements with a Free Quotation.


  • Identify Fire Hazards and Potential risks
  • People who may be at risk
  • Evaluate the Risks
  • Record The Fire Risk Findings and recommended requirements
  • Risk Assessments can be provided at your premises


We assess all work areas, these also include staffing areas, waiting rooms, corridors and even outside premises you may have, storage areas, roof voids and even cellars. If you are owners of large premises and work areas it may be advisable to break this down into a phase of risk assessments.


By reducing the risk of such hazards is high priority and by processing such results from a risk assessment is prior to what steps are needed to ensure the safety of people and workers within your premises if a fire was to break-out.


Government legislation states that a Fire Risk Assessment Form is used with the Five Step Process, so it is a guidance to the process.


If you are able to carry out your own Fire Risk assessment then make sure you are able to provide the service and assessment to the guidelines, there really is no margin for errors when lives may be at risk. Alternatively, you can contact our Professional Qualified Fire Consultant here at K & S fire.

What Can Our Fire Risk Assessments Do For You!

  • Provide you and Your Business with a Professional Fire Risk Assessment to Governed Guidelines with analysis of fire equipment recommendations.
  • Training of members of staff for future Fire Risk Assessments
  • Assess the Fire Risk and Safety of Premises for Fire Drills
  • Recommend process of action should a fire break-out
  • Provide Fire Safety Training, use of fire fighting equipment, fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire products
  • Provide an Emergency Plan of Action
  • Provide advice and planning for new buildings and building extension or expansion designs for Fire Safety

Feel free to contact us at K & S Fire Protection for your Fire Risk Assessments.

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